3 important investments your service based business needs!

If you’re starting up your service-based business or ‘going out on your own’ after working for a business for years, the last thing you should do is sit back and enjoy the freedoms of running your own business.

Here’s our checklist for what you need to consider when branding your service-based business

Brand Identity

Service-based businesses are often localised, meaning, you need to stand out from competitors. It’s important to review your competitors, comparing the experience they provide, their branding and who they attract before you undertake branding. You may find that there is space for a premium or budget service provider in your local area, and although it may not be your initial business plan, it could be something worth weighing up.

Vehicle Signage

If you spend a lot of time on the road, your vehicle signage may be your biggest investment, but it’s well worth it! Your signage becomes a moving billboard, and when you’re moving from site to site, your localised target audience will become familiar with your brand. It’s all about creating awareness!

Learn more here to see how our Activations team can help you bring your signage to life.


If you want your services to stand out, having a professional website with a gallery and a contact form will help people entrust your services. Your website doesn’t have to be long and wordy to be effective.

The beauty of our website design and builds is that they can be expanded as your business grows. We don’t want to pigeon hole you to being a small business forever. Let us bring your website to life, attract your ideal client and draw in valuable leads.

As you grow, your website can have a booking management plug in to create an improved customer experience and to reduce your admin dramatically.


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