Case Study

Gluten Free Bakehouse

The Client

Gluten Free Bakehouse stock their delicious products to supermarkets. They have been in there for years but their packaging was

Gluten Free Bakehouse have been available in supermarkets for years, but as an Australian Owned and Made business, the opportunity arose to expand their offering in Woolworths, including a new products.

We’ve worked on repositioning Gluten Free Bakehouse through their packaging, rather than completing a rebrand over the last few years, so we made sure this look and feel would be applied to new products.

The Opportunity

Woolworths asked for 5 new products, and we gave them NEW. We decided to undertake a major packaging development project but in a very short timeframe. Think bright, fun and modern.

In supermarkets, it’s all about colour. Standing out on the shelf (especially behind foggy doors in the freezer section) is pivotal in consumers picking up a product and putting it in their basket. We chose youthful colours that would be applied to the packaging in a two-toned fashion.

The Project

From typography, colour palette to photography, we utilised their modern logo as a foundation to refresh their packaging so it all lively effect on the colour pop packaging. We included handwritten typography for an organic, fresh and friendly feel. Considering these products appeal to a segment of health conscious consumers, these fresh elements ensure they stand out to the type of products they are looking for.

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