Case Study

Huddlestone Landscapes

The Client

Huddlestone Landscapes is a small business run by husband & wife duo, Steve and Shae. Burst helped build strong foundations for branding that would make Huddlestone an unstoppable force!

The Opportunity

From the first discovery session with the team, we knew that this would shape up to be an amazing start-up project. The Huddlestone team were commited and invested in branding themselves professionally from the start and this meant all the brand touchpoints required for a landscaping business. Brand identity, website and vehicle signage being the main projects, and everything else to create an amazing experience for their clients.

The Project

The Huddlestone Brand Identity was developed from the idea of creating an attainable luxe landscaping brand with a lot of personality. We wanted Steve and Shae’s friendly nature to flow through to their branding. Through a handcrafted logotype and a soft, natural green colour palette, we created a visually appealing brand identity that would flow through each touchpoint with ease. The Huddlestone Icon also acts as an emotive device that can be used in animations to enhance a positive feeling, through a ‘breeze’ or ‘pop’ transition, adding to the personality of the brand.

Tagline Development

We decided to create a tagline that would align to Huddlestone’s goal of providing end to end outdoor solutions.

‘Putting life back into Outdoor Living’ solves the client’s problem while creating the approachable and welcoming vibe we set out to create.

Animating this tagline felt like a natural progression of their brand, and bought everything together through the use of icon, typography and movement.

Website Design & Development

The Huddlestone Website has been designed to grow with the business. A landing page has set the business up to provide detail about their services, while providing them a professional outlet for the business to attract leads.

By future-proofing their website, they can add content and projects as they grow.

Vehicle Signage

A full van wrap creates a huge impact on the road. Think of your vehicle like a moving billboard! We decided to make the most of the coverage and use a dual layer finish. A velvety dark green matt finish for the body of the van featuring the brand pattern, and a glossy design that features the brand identity splashed across the vehicle provides an interesting effect close up.

Did you know Burst is also a signage business? We’re experts at activating brands through signage. Whether it’s for a fleet of vehicles, onsite or fabricated signs, our team can design and manufacture a concept that is unique to your brand, inhouse.

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