Case Study

That Spirited Lot

The Opportunity

We first worked with That Spirited Lot when they were starting up in 2019. We completed their branding, packaging and signage, but as they business quickly expanded, the opportunity arose to streamline the packaging design that would ensure print runs were economical, while maintaining a high end look and feel.

The Rebrand

The product names that the team developed had quickly became the identifier rather than the That Spirited Lot logo, so we needed to reverse this and ensure that consumers had brand awareness for That Spirited Lot.

As TSL was only 2 years young, we didn’t believe we needed to rebrand the business. However, to create an impactful brand that would stand out on bottles, we needed to make adjustments. As the designs for the packaging progressed, so did the logo mark. When we saw the final concept utilising a simple, textured and legible font that stood out on the bright palettes, it was decided that this would be used going forward!

It also paired well with all product names in which we selected various typefaces to create another element of personality on every bottle.

The Packaging

We didn’t want to reinvent all the hard work that had been developed in the years before, so we incorporated the existing illustrations that told the travel stories in which each bottle was inspired by. We recoloured the sketches to feature bright, unique colour palettes and continued to utilise rose gold foil as the border to the custom dieline.

Just by placing special finishes in the same position across each artwork, we’d saved money! We also incorporated a high build matt ink on the logo which created a spray paint effect. 

The Result

We are beyond proud of how the new premium range looks. It has been incredible to see this business expand and how these learning curves shape the business and the brand identity. From the shape, colours and typography, That Spirited Lot packaging truely stands out on the shelf from competitors. It’s punk inspired palette paired with a luxe rose gold foil creates an edgy and impactful impression that will sit on bar carts as a piece of art for years to come.

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