Case Study


The Opportunity

Yikes is Burst Branding Agency’s little coffee bar, open between 6.30-9am weekdays as a way to flex our creative muscles, showcase our capabilities and of course, network with locals who love coffee or are interested in business and all things branding.

The Brand Identity

The Brand Identity was developed to create a fresh, fun vibe that provokes curiosity. And that’s just the way we work at Burst and the feeling we wanted Yikes to create. A welcoming space to create conversation, community and creativity.

We’ve developed a tagline that we can use with and without the Yikes! We’ve juxtaposed ‘shockingly’ with ‘good’ to that the words have a positive connotation when paired with Yikes!

When presented in a creative way, a good tagline can be used as it’s own branding device to flow through all brand activations.

The Project

A hidden gem, Yikes! Needed to stand out from a roller door on a main road in an industrial estate. To say that Yikes! stands out would be an understatement. It’s light, bright and airy, welcoming and highly illuminated! 

Many people overlook signage, not realising it’s potential to create impact throughout your business. But not many signage companies do things the Burst way! You see, our designers and signage installers work together to collaborate on projects so that the end result is driven by both creativity and effect!

The Brand Activation

We used Yikes as an example of how signage can create impact. From the timber counter and illuminated sign, neon signage, vinyl wrapped food truck and coffee machine, it’s evident that we push ourselves to think outside the box.

In two weeks, we named our business, developed the brand identity, completed the roll out through social media and designed and installed the signage fit out. It’s amazing what a group of enthusiastic creatives can complete when they put their minds to it!

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