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A professional brand is one of the best investments a business can make. It builds trust, creates an experience and can often a business miles ahead of its competitors with solid branding, where customers are happy to pay a premium.

The Burst Brand Identity Project is perfect for any businesses starting out. We work to develop a brand identity that can work in an engaging way throughout all touchpoints of your business for consistency and professionalism and ultimately, attract your ideal customer or client.

We recommend Brand Identity development to:

Any businesses starting up

Brand Identity is one of the first steps your business should take when starting up. Before you even register your business name, you should be building relationships with a designer or team to help you facilitate every element of your brand. It can take a little while to find the right fit for your business so embarking on this journey should be done at the earliest instance.

eCommerce Product Based Businesses

When you’re yet to make a sale, investing in a Brand Identity can be a little daunting. Ensuring you are starting up your business with a professional brand identity is the quickest way to build trust and awareness of your brand. First impressions count, so creating a unique brand identity that appeals to your target market and stands out from competitors is a valuable project to undertake. 

In this day and age, your brand identity should flow through social media channels in a clear and distinct way. We can help you from Brand Identity development, website build to content creation, product photography and optimising customer experience.

Small businesses and sole traders that have been using a simple or handmade logo to get by.

Realising your in need of a Brand Identity is a huge step for a business. It means you value your business and are willing to invest in it to get more out. The more brand building and touchpoints you invest in, the more quickly you will build your business.

If you’re an established business with a brand identity, but looking to rebrand, you can read more here.

If you value your brand, business and want to attract your ideal customers, this package will help you hit the ground runnin’, no matter where your business is at. Upon completion, we provide a Brand Guidelines document to help you present your brand in a consistent and professional manner for years to come. 

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