Brand Refresh

A Brand Refresh is Burst’s way of evolving your branding with tweaks to add a little spark back into your business. A spring clean of some sorts!

We recommend a Brand Refresh to any businesses that:

  • Are established and customers know their branding
  • Need to invigorate their branding, but want to keep the bones
  • Feel like they’re competitors are getting away on them
  • Can alter their pricing if they gave their existing touchpoints some love
  • Need to feel inspired again, after running a business for years
  • Are looking to execute brand touchpoints such as website, vehicle signage etc. and want to do a tidy up before investing in additional brand roll out

Some things that a Brand Refresh may entail:

  • variations of your logo
  • a new colour palette
  • updating your tagline that is more identifiable
  • any other alterations to ensure you are standing out from competitor, aligning to your goals and attracting to your target market
  • reviewing existing pain points and providing options to create an improved experience through branded assets and touchpoints

Brand Refresh Projects are a good way to also get an outside perspective from our Brand Strategist. The investment you make in a Brand Refresh is incomparable to the ideation and direction you will receive from our team, and this inspiration can often be a jumping off point to reinvigorate you and your business.

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