Brand Strategy

At Burst, we believe the best brands are built on strong foundations. Brand Strategy is a highly valuable tool and brand asset that will apply to your business for years to come.

We always recommend Brand Strategy to be completed before additional projects such as Brand Identity or Rebranding, to ensure that the foundations of the brand are strong before reviewing other assets.

We’re big believers that branding isn’t just about the appearance of your brand. It’s about the heart and soul of your business, your values, mission and target market. So ensuring your business is aligned with the brand you are promoting is a game changer.

We recommend Brand Strategy for:

  • Any businesses completing a rebrand
    You are changing every asset of your brand and hitting the reset button and resolving your strategy should be front of mind.
  • Businesses with more than 10 employees or around the 7-figure turn over.
    A Brand Strategy Project is a small fee to ensure your business is aligned with your branding, over the next decade in which you will utilise the branding.
  • For businesses that are starting up, and want to do everything well from the start.
    Getting us involved in Brand Strategy from the start always produce the best outcomes for additional projects. Why? Because we’re making decisions together from the start of your venture as an extension of your team. We work in partnership to help guide you to make smart decisions based off your target market.

A Burst Branding Agency ‘Brand Audit’ is the first step to building strong foundations within your brand strategy.  After a face to face discovery session understanding your business and brand in depth, the Burst team undertake a large amount of research within your industry, service or product offering, target audience and existing branding. 

We define the existing and future landscape, explore your existing touchpoints and provide guidance so you have a defined strategy and a refined brand direction.

Whether you are starting up a business, rebranding or have an established business that just needs some direction, a Brand Strategy will help guide you and your team to make thoughtful brand decisions that add value to your organisation.

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