Content Creation

We’re buying more online than ever before so it makes sense why videography and photography should be key components in your brand strategy when promoting your products online.

When you can’t experience a product up close and personal, video is important to communicate quality, features and benefits. Branded video content can help explain the value of your product and create an experience that drives sales.

Video also helps tell the story about your business. If you can’t invest in videography and editing, creating a personality around your social media presence with your face and team help build trust. It’s always nice to know who is behind the brand, and you’ll be able to communicate on a deeper level to your followers in your own words and tone of voice.

In our Burst Studio, we can help you bring your product to life through stop motion, photography, Instagram reels, how-to videos and ecommerce visuals. With endless options on vinyl backdrops, propping and talent, we can help you create engaging content that speak to your brand, target market and values.

As well as content creation, we can also help you bring your ecommerce store to life through web design and development. Want to see how Burst can help solve your branding puzzle? Contact us.

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