Packaging Design

If you’re an established consumer goods business, you know how important Packaging Design is to identify and protect your product. Packaging Design plays a pivotal role in building consumer trust and creating an experience for ecommerce or product-based businesses.

Packaging Design isn’t just about adding your brand identity to your packaging. It’s about promoting your product, the benefits and the experience. The print process and materials should never be overlooked, as these play an integral role in how a design appears when completed. 

The benefits of Packaging Design

  • A functional brand touchpoint which you can tie the cost into the product price
  • Can increase the value of the product
  • Packaging protects your product and should be durable for retail shelves or being sent in the post
  • Promote key features, brand story and company values
  • Thoughtful or sustainable packaging can appeal to target market’s values
  • Increase brand awareness and opportunities to go in retail stores

Our design team have experience in working on packaging for large consumer brands, food and beverage. Working with an experience Packaging Designer is pivotal to the success of your project and for good reason! When it comes to packaging, there is a number of technicalities such as font size, barcodes and clear space which doesn’t come naturally to a designer.

Hiring a graphic designer for your packaging project that has minimum print and design experience can be a costly mistake. Take your time to consider your options and the price of mistakes vs. the investment to high quality outcomes.

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